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Earlier, I found my little fat ceramic bluebird that I had bought at a store over the summer. He is cutely, cheerfully sitting on my desk, reminding me of several personal projects that I want to get done eventually. ^_^

Speaking of projects, the patternlicous rhythm project has been completed. It only took me three more hours worth of work ... and I was rushing at the end. ^_^; My second pen, surprisingly, lasted throughout the rest of the project. I'm pretty satisfied with it, for the most part ... there are of course areas which are problematic and much which I could've done better, but overall it's one of my stronger works so far this year (what am I talking about? It is my strongest work solely by virtue of the double-digit hours and two weeks I spent on it).

Person - Whoa.
Sakaki - ...?
Person - ... what kind of pen is that? O_O
Sakaki - ... er, a ballpoint pen?
Person - O_O !!! You can get those at Walmart!

Yes, I've gotten some interesting reactions about this thing so far. XD Some people who, like me, appreciate the ballpoint pen as a tool for art and not just "something regular people use for regular things" really like what I've done. Most people consider me insane for covering an 18x24 sheet of paper with it. XD There are a few things that annoy me after working so extensively with a regular ol' ballpoint pen ... after you layer on a certain amount of ink, the surface develops this reddish/brownish/purplish gleam in any lighting situation, which sometimes makes it difficult to see what you're doing. That, and sometimes if you work too heavily for too long in one area, the paper gets sticky until the ink dries, and the entire thing sticks to your hand when you lift it to move elsewhere. X3

I really wish I could scan the thing to show you guys. ._.

I've done much doodling. I need to spend some time scanning, but "doodleicons" was one of the things on my "To Do List" that did not get done. ^_^; I will probably have time after Thursday ... tomorrow and Wednesday, I plan on being panicked because of the portfolio due on Thursday, which I am not even halfway prepared for (thanks, Dec, for consuming my time!) at the moment.

What're your opinions on artist alleys at cons? Think I'd stand a chance? Since this patternlicious rhythm project, although time-consuming as all hell, ended well ... I'm in a more positive, "I could probably do this" mood. I know I've seen (at all two cons that I've visited) work of less quality and effort than what I usually put out ... but even so, I don't want to go and embarrass myself. o_o I've also seen work at a far greater skill level than mine. XD (Wonder if they'd share some secret with a fellow artist?) ::ponders::

Amused endlessly by a computer program telling me things it really shouldn't in situations where it really shouldn't know about it at all, I quote Quark -
"This may take awhile."

According to more than one source (and fortunately agreed upon by the sources with money), Moouack's days are numbered ... the end of his useful lifespan (or at least, his partnership with me) is drawing near, it seems. I haven't been able to install newer programs on Moouack, because something about them just doesn't agree with him for whatever reason, and causes him to have terrible mood swings. XD I guess if I were a true computer expert it would all be a simple problem to solve, but as I know enough to break things and not enough to fix them, I'd rather find Moouack a new home and get a new friend for myself. (This also says something about our American culture, and our ease in throwing things aside to go purchase something new, rather than "making do" with what we've got.)

My mother has been thinking over what kind of screen would be better when I will be blessed with a new computer ... either the regular ol' monitor, with the higher picture quality, or a flatscreen, which would enable me to fit more of my tablet and related gear on my desk. X3 I'm kind of leaning towards the higher picture quality, myself ... ::ponders some more::

What is it about me that convinces even strangers that I would make a good teacher? One of the janitors over at the fine arts building asked me if I was going to be a teacher ... frankly, I don't trust myself enough to be a teacher. Also, parents scare the shiznit out of me at times (I certainly wouldn't want to face my mother if she had been convinced that I had gotten the short end of the stick somehow). And finally, who the heck would I teach? It would be difficult to understand elementary school children, since they tend not to enunciate (I am partially deaf, so I foresee a problem here). I refuse to teach middle school children because they're all a bunch of jerks (I was one once). I'd rather not teach high school or college-age people because ... well, I think I'd be intimidated teaching people who are taller than me and who could easily beat me up. o_O;

I really need to go to bed. ^_^;

[Edit - oh yeah! I'm not sure how much longer this "::TWINGE::" look will be lasting. I need some color, dammit!]

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