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Ok. ^_^

I changed the look of my LiveJournal here, so all those who went blind after trying to read through all that red should feel better now. It's also less monochromatic to individuals who are colorblind. ^_^; The commenting links have gone from "let the blood flow" and "blushes" to "... serenade?" and "songs." I like the look of the solid title bar with only the date off to the right, so I won't be doing entry titles for awhile. ^_^

I'm thinking about changing my alias on the Internet ... from existing merely as a secondary character created as an afterthought to becoming my username at many online communities, Sakaki has indeed served me well. It has so many different memories attached to it, primarily those of AGV. It is me, in some ways ... and yet, I feel a need once more to move on. "Meiel" (short for Luinundomeiel from a quiz, since that's too long for Mag) has struck me as of late in a way that few names have done recently, so I'm changing my LJ here to reflect that. On the plus side, "Meiel" is not a Pokemon character, a type of Japanese shrubbery, a successful Japanese town, or a sultry and rather average Japanese pop idol. ^_^;;

Oh, and Happy Birthday, "Maggles." This one's for you, from the Cinnamon Girl and Queen of Procrastination:

: P

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