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This gets serious eventually.

I may not dye my hair (I don't take good enough care of it as it is)... but I do indulge in odd socks (I'd go further than "odd," but sadly, Walmart socks only go "so weird" before getting "plain stupid"). I put on a pair of orange, fuzzy socks this morning, and have reveled in them since that point. They're the softest things I've ever owned ... true comfort socks. True, true comfort socks ... ::enjoys bright orange socks:: Soft socks ... sadly, after wearing them for the day, they're already beginning to shed soft orange fluff. ;_; I'm afraid to wash them. (::makes note to wash orange fuzzy socks in a load of their own, so that other things do not get covered in orange fluff::)

::leaves fluffy orange trails behind her as she walks:: ....... dammit! I swear Walmart knew this was going to happen ... because they want me to come back and buy more socks sooner than I normally would. It's a big plot. XD

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I've begun FFIX, even though I was told to do Final Fantasy Tactics first. ^^; I couldn't help it ... the little black mage (Vivi?) on the cover of the case was just too damn cute. I love Vivi. [SPOILER COMMENT] The poor chap is having the most awful luck so far (falling flat on his face more than once, a fake ticket, becoming a slave ...).[/SPOILER COMMENT]

Which reminds me ... Silvermask, did you ever tell me the login info for tropicalnights ...? I have plans for that little subdomain, my friend. : 3 And Nina, I swear I'll get around to Cheezitmaiden ... I've just been so busy and stressed lately, it's been hard to find the time or the inspiration.

I went over to the fine arts building, and worked for a couple hours this evening after dinner. I'm actually not too too worried about my portfolio anymore ... at least, not right now, because I think getting things done by Thursday to his specifications is entirely feasible. This evening, after Anime Night (KAREKANO!!), I'll take stock of what I've got and what he wants, and write down what I am missing. Tomorrow afternoon I'll draw my heart out (or give my best shot trying), and I'll also spray fix and trim the 16 - 20 pieces that I'm putting in there. Easily done!

What's not so easily done is figuring out when I just don't know what I'm doing (and not in the looking at a clean sheet of paper and drawing a blank in your mind way). I am ignorant of my own inabilities at times, it seems ... he pointed out today that I should do more work with ink and brush, instead of opting for charcoal ... because my drawings have become increasingly similar to one another, all rather angular, with generic features. He said that he was wondering if, right now, I was learning anything by the process of drawing ... and I began to wonder that too.

I wonder where I'm going. Clearly, anime is the largest, most visible influence on my artwork, and the Internet community of anime/manga-influenced webartists is another strong factor within me. It seems that we all strive for a "style," part of which is the ability to do different things with consistency ... people develop all sorts of styles in different regards and combine them unconsciously to create the one big style for which they are known. "The way he does eyes," or "the way she curves the face" ... these subtle signatures are important to those of the webartist community.

Yet ... is developing a consistent "style" really what we should be aiming for? Is it running yourself into a dead end, turning stagnant? It seems that was what I was doing ... I had come to a point where I had felt comfortable, and unthinkingly, I stayed put on that path, neither learning, nor regressing.

The fact that he remarked on the generic facial features of the figure that I was drawing at the time also causes me to question myself ... I had been feeling comfortable with that drawing, before he came up to me and pointed out what should've been obvious. Am I really drawing what is before me and thereby training my eyes to see as an artist's can, or am I attempting to represent an emotion, a reaction? When I draw for my doodleicons or for Hammerspace, I often find myself wishing to make the doodle emote something to someone ... but in trying to reach for the intangible, have I overlooked the source of it? Have I made it so that the emotions are all very visible and distinct, but you cannot tell one carrier apart from another?

My roommate's fish seem to have cannibalistic tendencies. One day the small one with a red tail was there with the bigger silver one, and the next day, it was not.

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