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I have red tennis shoes! ::rejoices::

The arch on the right foot fits a bit funky, but as it was the same with an entirely different red tennis shoe back in August, I'm guessing it's my foot and not the shoes. XD I'll wear the arches down soon enough anyway ... I'm horribly flat-footed. XD

Basically, I've been searching for plain ol' red tenners for awhile, and I don't want to give these up. X3 I didn't want the logos or the prices that come with, so it was a long, long search.

Oh yeah, one new icon here. This is the quickly-colored doodle from whence the amusing icon came. XD

I hate underwires. I don't need underwires, but they insist on putting them in bras anyway. I don't get it. o_o

Oh, and my roommate's one fish isn't as cannibalistic as we thought it was - the one redtailed fish was not eaten, he committed suicide. He jumped out of the tank ... we just found him behind the shelf on the floor. o_O

I might do a more "meaningful" entry later, but Godiva chocolate and FFIX consume my attention. XD

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