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We have to create forms that penetrate space and describe our heritage. While devising a set of thumbnails, my ideas slowly turned from my English/German background, to the personal physical and emotional ordeals of my family. These have had far more impact upon me than the concept of "heritage" has had. Mulling over this project due next Tuesday, I realized once again that with the technology of today, what the body can recover from is really quite amazing.

I have had my left ear sliced off and sewn back on twice for reconstructive surgeries.
My mother has had her throat slit open and part of her thyroid taken out to prevent death from choking.
My stepfather has had his chest cracked open for a quintuple bypass that saved his life.

At the same time, this amazing ability of ours to induce recovery and survival makes it all the more painful when someone close is lost due to a heart attack, cancer, or some mysterious ailment you don't know about.

For those that have gone, I still miss you. For those that are still here upon this earth, I do care about you dearly, though I feel that the use of gratutious words cheapen the emotion.

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