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'02-'03 School Year Blister Count: 3

I have been in a state of continual physical discomfort for some time now ... at times, it increases to pain of a definite, breath-taking sharpness ... my left shoulder, in particular, has this problem. No matter which way I stand, sit, or lie down, I just can't seem to get my back to be a happy camper once more. I miss the days of no pain. XP It seems somewhat more difficult to focus on anything when my mind is on the back which doesn't agree or the shoulder which wants to secede from my body. But I realize that other people have it worse than I do ... and if they can live their lives in spite of it, so can I! ::determined look::

I have been feeling extremely lonely today ... to such an extent, it seemed as though I was lacking some sort of "home." I walked ... I wandered ... I utilized my more traditional distracting activities of anime and video games ... yet still ... the loneliness remains.

I would say that based on appearances, Amarant has no head, only hair. But logic tells me that one must have a sizable head for such an amazing amount of hair to grow on, so he's got something underneath that 'fro.

I wish I could have more than four people in my party, although I really shouldn't complain, as four is a step up from three a la FFVII. ^_^; Garnet, or Eiko? Freya, or Quina? What about Vivi and Steiner, my favorites? (I seem to have equipped Steiner with a sword that actually causes him damage when he attacks. XP I sure hope he learns that bit of Sword Art from it soon ...) Eiko's got more potent Cure spells at the moment ... but Garnet is more well-rounded ... ::ponders:: ... hmm ...

I absolutely love the ship that you get to travel in ("Fwssshhh!," "REVERSE!"), although I can't remember where I'm supposed to go now that I have it, other than "find Kuja." I was doing some exploring ... I found a land of snow, in which I nearly got killed ("Noooo! Somebody revive Zidane! He's the only one with the Flee skill!!"), and I found another Qu's Marsh out on an island (after which, I did get killed ... stupid dragon).

I've done a lot of dying today. ._.; I found a horrible book in the bookrooms of the Alexandrian castle ... a voice said "challenge me if you dare," and I was curious, so I did. I died in short order. XP The fight got to a point where I was chain-reviving every member of my party, only to watch them fall under a mass Paper Storm, or whatever that attack was. XP Curiosity really killed the cat this time.

You know that store in Treno that has the monster in the cage under the floor ...? I remembered the monster that was in there when I had Steiner try to defeat it ... and I knew that I could beat it easily with Zidane as he stood right then and there. So, I went up to the lady, and said "I want to fight that monster."

... well, guess what? They had changed the monster. XP I died.

I am VERY bad at Tetra Master. I won against Sailor Erin the first time I played against her, quite easily in fact ... and then I didn't get a chance to save before I perished at the hands of that nefarious novel. ::shakes fist:: With the aid of the reset button, I played against her several more times, and I lost pretty every single time. She took my only Frog card. ;_;

I am VERY good at catching frogs. XD ::waves a Silver Fork around madly::

Oh! Before I died the one time around the one Qu's Marsh, I found the best friendly enemy ever. It was this cat-thing that looked like it was made out of wire and Kuronekosama from Trigun ... absolutely a delightful scream, it was. Sadly, it asked me for Diamonds, and I didn't have any. ;_; I ran away.

Someone once said that "people who are single shouldn't watch KareKano." It's not that we shouldn't watch it ... it's just that in moods like these, KareKano is painful because it makes things like "romance" seem so strangely plausible.

So, we formed an Angry Mob of three today, but by the end of the parade we realized that we were more of an Apathetic Mob and/or a Tired Mob. We also had a Slayer, two Harem, and one Dracula (complete with signs describing their occupation). I got to swing a sword and a cross around madly! I have pictures ... but I don't know just when I'll be able to get them developed/if they turned out. XP

If I get new glasses sometime in the future, I need to remind myself to get a pair where the frame is fully metal ... none of this "invisible string" stuff holding the lenses in. The left lens popped out for the second time today ... fortunately, John was able to fix them for me, since I was having a case of really, really bad luck while trying to fix it myself. XP
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