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14 October 2002 @ 03:28 pm
Returning alumni ... when you check both the "spouse" and "child" options for the same name, what do you want me to think?

I dislike the task of decipering illegible writing ... sometimes I am good at it, but at other times, I fail miserably. (At least I'm not the one who is going to get yelled at this time around if these things go to print incorrectly?) Names in particular are problematic, and names in this context trouble me especially - because there is no "context" other than the simple list format that they've been put into! No clues ...

"... 'Fuzzy Hummer?' ... no ... that's gotta be wrong ... that's definitely 'Fuzzy,' though ... maybe 'Hammer' ...? That doesn't make it any better ..."

Technically, if the names seem strange, I'm to look them up in the alumni listing. But when you're as far off as I think I am (who would name their child "Fuzzy Hammer" ...?), what good is it going to do? Sometimes I think it is hopeless. Why do I get this feeling that "Boron" is not the correct interpretation of this squiggle before me? "Fearhickey" is probably not the most accurate version of that one down the list, either ... "Thiele." Wrong, but cool. ::writes it down::

I randomly found a very old, very fragmented bedsheet awhile ago ... it's in segments of varying width and length, due to being chopped up by other people for use in projects. I am hoarding the remnants of this bedsheet. I have evil plans for it. I do not know if they shall ever be realized (my past tendencies towards procrastination, getting distracted, and spending my money elsewhere give me reason to believe that heck, these things may not happen again!), but just in case, you know?

Hmm ... Dunkelberg ... now that's an interesting name. Bonnen. Markel. Garwood. This is one good thing about working at a place like this ... you get to encounter so many interesting names (providing you can translate the writing when necessary) that you would never have known about otherwise.

I hope my body dies before my mind. I do not fear growing old, but I do worry sometimes about losing my knowledge and my teeth, of becoming helpless and dependent.

... is that "Jeavers" ...?

What's your Final Fantasy?

brought to you by Quizilla

FFVII is still leading the way against FFIX, for me. I'm enjoying FFIX so far, but ... it's hard to explain why FFVII is my favorite of the two. o_o

Zidane, the problem with being a "player" is that when you are actually serious, nobody will believe you. XP

Remembering what had happened to Cleyra, and that Cleyra's remnants were only a burnt smudge in the sands ... I had thought that Alexandria was totally wiped out. But upon returning to the area while trying to find my way to Treno (which I never did manage), I discovered that it wasn't the case - Alexandria still stands, albeit very, very battered.

I hope Garnet starts feeling better soon ... when she can't concentrate and commands for her to Silence or Cura fail, others in the party take hits. Kuja's taken Eiko. -_- ::kicks Kuja:: Now, although somewhat unreliable at this point, Garnet's my best healer ... Quina knows White Wind and Angel's Snack (which actually uses items, I think), and Amarant has Chakra ... but none of those can compare with one cast of Cura.

Vivi is higher-leveled than Zidane is ... I'm not quite sure how this came to be. o_O;

The enemies in Kuja's Desert Palace annoy me. ^^;
::Sphinx-like things cast Poison on Garnet and Bio on Zidane::
Sakaki - Goddammit, stop that. XP Go Poison yourself! ::Poisons them::

I suppose I should get back to work, as I am at work.
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One Who Wanders: sephirothabiona on October 14th, 2002 10:50 pm (UTC)
Not that there's anything wrong with being VII! : P hehe
Diminuendo Arpeggioamir03 on October 15th, 2002 11:57 am (UTC)
I like being either proportionally correct or COMPLETELY incorrect, and no where in between, thank you very much.