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Sculptor of Molars.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's definitely been a (night and a) day.

First in today's news, I am currently at home for Fall Break. It was actually an interesting car trip, for once (anyone who has driven the Gauntlet of Bor-doom before should know how rarely this happens), and time passed very quickly. We all babbled a lot (and I listened to more stuff on swimming than I have ever heard before ... o_O), met a rude Arby's worker, and eventually all got to our respective destinations.

Remember how I spoke of my parents realizing that Moouack's days as a helpful companion were nearing their end? Well, apparently they thought the situation was much worse than that - looking at Moouack, and looking at what "you need" to be a competitive graphic arts person ... they thought I looked like a kid who had gone to school without a pencil. XP

I have a new computer right now ... one which is so shiny, it practically shimmers. The space bar is remarkably unsticky, the mouse has a little wheel-button thing, I can play DVDs, and it can even burn CDs! I've decided, for the time being, to name it Marvin, after the super-intelligent, super-depressed robot from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Frighteningly, I am no longer running in 800x600 resolution. ::collective gasp::

There's this annoying "NEW Hot Deals" icon that keeps on reappearing over and over and over on my desktop, no matter how many times I delete it. It's like an immortal, bitter gnat. I am not sure how to get rid of it, but I sure wish I could. o_o Likewise, IE came with this horrible spammy thing for a "taskbar" (or "toolbar," or whatever you want to call it) designed by Yahoo and meant to make me dependent on them ... I figured out how to get rid of it (and did so, gladly), but now IE has no taskbar, none at all. XP

I also have new glasses. ^_^ They're kind of purple and black ... and this pair came with some clip-on sunglasses, so I won't be squinting at you all during the bright daylight hours. : P

It has not all been apples and strawberries, though. When attending the dentist appointment at nine this morning, it was deemed that I needed to return scant hours later ... for a filling (or two?). XP It actually wasn't that bad of an experience, although the medication they gave me still hasn't worn off (::prods her face:: ... hmm), and my throat is sore from the pseudo-swallowing that I habitually had to do (it's not really swallowing when your mouth is open so wide ... more like a combination of a reverse retch and a gulp). I saw little clouds of smoke (or tooth dust?) when they were drilling away, and thought to myself, "so that's what tooth smells like."

[Edit - Abruptly, at 5:20-ish, my face stopped being numb. o.O; My lips are still a little fuzzy, but other than that, I can feel my fingers when I touch my chin. XD]

I had planned to be a bit more verbose and actually somewhat sensical with this entry, but I no longer feel like it. My juice still tastes bizarre ...

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