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I am at the beginning of one of my most macabre projects ever, with people giving me tips such as, "uh, don't get too sadistic." What is this project, you ask? Why, it's photographing roadkill. I've even gotten men who consider themselves of the tough Gothic persuasion to cough up their chips when I mention it in an off-hand manner.

Person - Hey, do you have a car?
Sakaki - No, do you?
Person - Yeah, why?
Sakaki - Ooooh, what're you doing this weekend?
Person - Nothing ...
Sakaki - Wanna help me with a school project?
Person - Sure. What is it?
Sakaki - Taking pictures of roadkill.
::Goth Boy coughs up chips. Pause ensues::
Person - Are you shitting me??
Sakaki - No, actually!

For me, thinking about this project in terms of requirements makes it seem a bit less strange to be doing. "I need day shots, night shots ... maybe some in the morning? Hmm" helps isolate me from the fact that heck - I'm going to be looking at dead, smushed, bloody furry animals. Maybe it won't bother me when I actually get around to photographing them ... maybe it will. Strange to say that I don't know just yet. ^_^;;

If you want to know why I'm photographing roadkill "in its natural environment" (no, I do not want to pick it up and take it home with me, people ...), I need to do a collage which somehow communicates "No wild, no wildlife" to people. I wanted images of roadkill, but alas - magazines, for whatever reason, just don't want to provide me with anything useful. XP So, I have to do it myself.

It's either that or using fish for trees.

I have an appointment with the Dean of the Fine Arts tomorrow morning. Wish me luck ... I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to say to him. XP Subjects, I do know.

  • choir requirements
  • voice lessons
  • if necessary, mention my former voice teacher's name (it has a surprising amount of power, apparently)
  • study abroad in Japan

I can only hope that it won't end like the last time I tried talking with a Dean ... after being merely a distraction and not a person, I got shuffled out of the office after five minutes. >.

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