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'02-'03 School Year Blister Count: 4

::is at work:: Ahah! I just realized why these all looked out of order to me ... they're not going by the date of the performances as I am, but rather in alphabetical order by city name! D'oh.

Those of you who claim that the End of Evangelion made any sense at all or explained the series to perfection are absolutely nuts. John, I comprehended the TV series just as well as you did, but I gotta admit that the movie is just ... out there to the point of discombobulation. Is it a piece of artwork? I don't know ... what is art? It's certainly not the best made film I've seen ... while the sheer insanity of it could, I suppose, communicate to us the emotional status of the characters ... it just goes overboard with it, and loses most of its audience. Such a stringent alienation of the audience should not be a film's impact. XP Eric, I don't care what you said, but the movie sure as hell didn't explain the Instrumentality Project to me. XP Sure, I guess it didn't help that while watching, the peanut gallery wouldn't stop making somewhat asinine comments ... but after awhile, I began to agree with them.

Exact dialogue has been paraphrased. XP

::Rei's arm just falls off for no apparent reason::
Sakaki - Eh? o_o;

::The white Eva series develops Rei faces::
Sakaki - ... AIEEEEEEEEE!! x_x;;

Sakaki - Oh no ... please no ... please don't let that be ...
::a giant Rei forms::

::giant Rei head falls down to earth::

Sakaki - I liked this song, until I finally saw the context in which they used it. It's somehow disturbingly akin to saying like, "happy happy zippity do-dah, everybody's going to be destroyed, lala, die die, whee!"

Person - Jesus Christ, this thing only makes sense when you're on acid!
Subtitles - Does it feel good?
Person- Acid feels good!

Shinji - ...
Shinji - ...
Sakaki - Jesus, Shinji, what has the movie done to you?? You weren't like this in the TV series! ::weeps because now she knows why everyone thinks of Shinji as a wimp, when in the TV series, he really isn't!::

::Misato kisses Shinji::
Sakaki - ... WUAAH!? Misato! o_o;
::Misato makes a comment about doing the rest when Shinji gets back::
Sakaki - ...........
Person1 - How old is this kid again?
Person2 - 14.
Person3 - And now we know why he wants to come home.

::SEELE begins intoning religious-themed stuff about the Revolution in monotone voices::
Sakaki - ::cracks up:: Does this remind anyone else of Utena?? "For the Revolution of the world!"

I guess the movie explains why everyone likes Rei so much ... she's everywhere like an extremely insidious marketing ploy. x_x;

I've decided that in art, I need to find a new system of beauty. "Anime style" has been beautiful to me for so long that I now believe I may have blinded myself to other things. I continue to rely on it even now, because it is what I know, am safe in speaking about. I don't think I shall ever totally shake its influence off me, but already I am beginning to pull away from it while in class, to try to see things differently.

Am I fake? Is there something about me ... about my behavior, or my appearance ... something that just seems to communicate that what I say and what I am thinking are not always the same thing, and do people never quite connect with me because of it? But if that is the case, then why are people in real life so oblivious to my true emotional status? If they can pick up on subtle hints that indicate "fakeness" ... then why can't they see that I am not always smiling?

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