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That's it. I'm going to read the frickin' manual!

This is a massive step, because for the most part I can figure out any scanner on my own easily. XP But this ... these results that this new one is giving me are completely unacceptable. If it doesn't bleach everything out and automatically brighten the image without telling me that's what it's doing (by the looks of things it seems all innocent and isn't doing anything that I'm not asking it to, but ... it's gotta be brightening the image, because notebook lines aren't that light in real life), it gives it a green overcast and a drop-shadow-like effect.

I hate it when programs try to make things "really easy" for me, because inevitably I do not like the results, and then it becomes really hard to change things to be the way I want them to be. I get frustrated, which makes things worse. XP

I miss Moouack. I wish my old scanner ran with XP, because that scanner, like Moouack, was a tough old bird who could handle a lot. Marvin and this scanner are like temperamental babies compared to Moouack ...

I am not going to be happy if I have to ink all my pencil sketches (which I really shouldn't have to, given my stellar experience with other scanners). I find that inking often gives a "piece" an entirely different mood or feel than the original had, which is not what I want. I like the softness and wispiness of pencil lines!

Well, once I find the files that I scanned with Moouack and saved to a zip disk, I can update Hammerspace. But otherwise Hammerspace is on hold until I get this scanner hammered (ha ha) out. --;

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