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::struggles to think of an entry::

"Right and wrong is not what separates us. It is our separate viewpoints, our perspectives. Two sides blame one another. There is no good side or bad side, just sides with different views." - Squall (Other than this quote ... this entry is pretty much all stupidity and fluff. XP Whoo! Zoikes ... I'm so tired. =_=)

Though she is currently one of my weaker party members, I like seeing Rinoa on the battlefield ... mostly because that big streak of bright sky blue that she is happens to be visually refreshing. Since I don't use Zell (I just can't do the Duel thing. ;_; It's like that awful Mario typing game ... I panic and screw up. ;_;), she's the only cool color in a sea of warm ones and earth tones.

Erm ... how do you use Quistis' blue magic? I don't have much of it (only one thing! XD), but I'd like to test it out!

So far, FFVIII seems more sci-fi-ish than the other Final Fantasy games I've played. I think part of this has to do with the Junction system, and having to Draw magic (it's not something you possess naturally). FFVII also had very gritty overtones and conflicts, but FFVIII still strikes me as less of a fantasy world. This is not to say that I dislike FFVIII ... I'm enjoying myself heartily. XD I just finished the first disc.

"The Cry of Mankind" by My Dying Bride begins an awful lot like a FFVII song ... just gotta remember which one. Note to self - listen and figure out. Another note to self - work out schedule for next semester. And another - talk to choir people tomorrow.

salami is doing well
salami is good for you and the country

This is far too amusing. I've selected the best of the best, so see if you can find the one which was in my AGV profile. (Silvermask, I've already searched for your name ... all the results but one were for Silvermask from Arslan Senki, and the other was clearly you, because there is no other "bishie_o_hyrulean_courage" that I know of.

Occasional comments of my own are separated by the use of [ and ]. Fun!

fish is killing klamath county
fish is still dead

anne elizabeth is still living
anne elizabeth is very proud
anne elizabeth is #2215
anne elizabeth is
anne elizabeth is one of those

abiona is not too far off shore
abiona is not a partner in a firm who can delegate work to more junior attorneys

sakaki is an industrial town
sakaki is a most auspicious tree in japan
sakaki is 53
sakaki is an ugly old man
sakaki is a small town located in a narrow mountain pass on the japanese island of honshu
sakaki is famous for many things
sakaki is selling her house
sakaki is a small town with a population of about 17
sakaki is made a human and a time guardian
sakaki is a tall
sakaki is the wealthiest and happiest child alive
sakaki is forced to help ashô overthrow the red king in order to save his mom
sakaki is branded a coward and thrown out of the palace
sakaki is well known as “sword maker town”
sakaki is the tallest
sakaki is tall and mature and naturally very good at sports and academics
sakaki is useful
sakaki is out cold as little mach fives orbit around her head *byron holds smelling salts under sakaki's nose
sakaki is actually quite fond of cute things
sakaki is definitely possible
sakaki is hired by the nakura clan to rescue the recently kidnapped princess mayu and return with her alive
sakaki is the sacred tree of shinto
sakaki is satoshi's father
sakaki is a senior member of the ieee
sakaki is an inexperienced witch
sakaki is a wandering japanese poet who began to saunter around the world after serving in the japanese military in wwii
sakaki is used in japan
sakaki is impatient and wants the factory to arrive so he can hear facts
sakaki is considered holy and because it's evergreen it is a symbol of a long happy marriage
sakaki is used as a ritual prestation that signifies the presence of deities
sakaki is the leader of the rocket dan
sakaki is the boy on the left
sakaki is the creator of the j
sakaki is a masterless swordsman with unparalleled skill
sakaki is a very quiet and tall girl
sakaki is waiting
sakaki is a detective police
sakaki is the sexiest bikini model i have ever graced my eyes upon
sakaki is forced into retirement
sakaki is the king's favorite
sakaki is his dad
sakaki is often overburdened with responsibilities
sakaki is a poet
sakaki is giovanni
sakaki is a master swordsman
sakaki is a friend of sakura and is very good at cooking
sakaki is a revered tree
sakaki is not moving over to shigeru [No! No, dammit, I will not go!]
sakaki is referring to the game dragon quest
sakaki is shocked to discover rate of logging in tasmania
sakaki is seen
sakaki is helpless without the armor
sakaki is gonna post something on a message board at the offical site

sephiroth is the greatest enemy ever
sephiroth is bad
sephiroth is definately better than cloud
sephiroth is the greatest villian ever
sephiroth is cool but not cute
sephiroth is a troubled man; but he refuses to give up
sephiroth is my naked [Um ...]
sephiroth is so sexy
sephiroth is love with yet another woman [I smell fanfiction!]
sephiroth is the man he is like a role model to so many people you nead way more pics you've got hardly any and the ones u have got suck
sephiroth is a hard hard bastich to defeat
sephiroth is standing here?
sephiroth is my all
sephiroth is back
sephiroth is telekinetically lifted up and thrown over the clliffside [I sense the strong anger ... of a fanfiction writer.]
sephiroth is being made right now [Really?? Where can I get one??]
sephiroth is extra extra special with apple [I'm so glad to hear it. XD I'll keep that in mind.]
sephiroth is making himself a drink at the bar [FANFICTION!]
sephiroth is almost impossible to make out
sephiroth is carrying aeris's baby [Fanfiction written by someone who watches soap operas and believes in alien abductions, or just hasn't figured out the basic mechanics of reproduction ...]
sephiroth is? 40
sephiroth is more violent then aeris [Well, duh.]
sephiroth is just plain out cool
sephiroth is gonna win [If only ...]
sephiroth is the all powerful guy that you chase throughout half the game [NISHI! I thought of you when I read this, lol]
sephiroth is just sour because bearshare wasn't number one [::imagines Sephiroth pouting::]
sephiroth is hot
sephiroth is with her [... who?]
sephiroth is very glitchy
sephiroth is still deeply into his books
sephiroth is very forceful yaoi [Doesn't yaoi take two?]
sephiroth is the creator of final fantasy gurus [XDXD]
sephiroth is a bloody mess
sephiroth is subjected to aging processes [o_O;]
sephiroth is really vincent's son [Can we say willful delusion? ^_^]
sephiroth is five years old [Aww ... awfully tall toddler, though.]
sephiroth is the ultimate tragic character
sephiroth is stronger and has a bigger sword [So nyah!]

Googlism makes this easy.

I hate the sound of cardboard.

In Design Orientation, I was just doodling away for a couple of hours ... wanted merely to cover the paper with lines that described something which perhaps had no verbally describable shape, and was somehow a representation of something intangible. It was a lofty goal that I failed to reach entirely - for when I stepped back, I realized that I had "created" what could best be described as a phallic symbol in truely painful 80s color combinations. Dammit!

What else has happened today ...? I woke up at eight despite having gone to bed at three-thirty the night before ... my inner clock has suddenly decided to actually work, and thus it is now a pain. I was up doing my homework for about seven hours straight in Kirkland. XP Aah, behold the fruits of procrastination. (Actually, I think I need to spend more time over there.) My glasses have been fixed. I fell asleep during the artist lecture. I had a lonely night. Eating shouldn't hurt so much!

Jeeze ... I've been trusting Mo on this DJ situation ... I sure hope it was right to do so. >.>; I can live down a dance without decorations (we're just going to tear them down anyway ... o_O;), but a dance without music is a no-go. XP So that worries me ... but since the dance is tomorrow night, it'll all be over soon. lol

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