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Well, I'm having one heckuva Monday here thus far. @_o Turns out the Dec did "lose" the contract that I signed (whaddaya wanna bet someone threw it away in a fit of anger ...?), so I was supposed to meet one of the editors over there at eight this morning. Rushing through my morning routine, I left my room about fifteen to ten minutes prior to the meeting, layered up with a sweatshirt and a scarf. This is fine to wear for quick jaunts across our small campus, but not good for waiting outside in the thirty-something degree weather for about twenty minutes. Yup, the editor didn't show up, and I was left standing outside in the wind. Thanks!

Ok, so freezing my ass off and feeling rather cranky about this, I decided to run over to Kirkland to use the papercutters to chop out my CD cover/back printout, so I could put them in the case to turn in. The papercutter I was using is meant to handle very, very large pieces of paper - a smaller papercutter would have served my purposes better, but there were none to be had. While cutting, I accidentally sliced off about half a centimeter of my cd back, with no time to print out another copy. Dammit. Then, not paying attention, I reached up and back a bit for the papercutter handle ... and wound up smacking my hand against the blade.

It didn't hurt, but those papercutters are sharper than I give them credit for. Scant seconds later, I look down to find this gash on my pinky finger shining red and overflowing. "Well, crap," was the first thing I thought as I dabbed excess blood off with a piece of paper. I finished cutting out my cd cover/back, and grabbed a paper towel to collect the blood with, and then marched off to my dorm room.

I put on a bandaid. Not even two minutes later, I looked down to find that the cut had already bled through. Rolling my eyes, I went downstairs to health services to ask if they had any bandaids which were thicker, or something ... but guess what? It was 8:23 a.m., and health services doesn't open until 8:30!

All right, right? Ok! Fine then! My bloody bandaid and I went off to breakfast, and then returned to health services, obtaining a plethora of bandaids AND (goshdarn, I am a lucky one today) a tetanus shot. Great! Go me! XP

[Edit - oh yes, and my new sock just developed a hole in the toe for no good reason whatsoever. XP]

Let's see ... the weekend was better in the fact that I obtained less physical injury, but worse in that it was just mostly a bad weekend. Other than the fact that the "photo shoot" was fun as hell, I spent most of the weekend feeling very hostile towards life, and learning that I dislike a majority of humans who exist. XP Drunk people, angry people, offensive people, stupid people ... they are everywhere here. Sometimes, it's very strange to find people who are angrier than I am, about stuff far more trivial. It's hard to feel sympathetic for someone who is ranting because he closed that goddamn window on that bleeping piece of bleep Mac. The best I could do was "Uh ... just because you closed that window isn't a reason to be so mad at the Mac ... o.O Just open the program again, won't take that long at all."

After the LARP on Saturday, a totally unrelated, got-lost-from-their-party group of drunk guys was hanging around the "fishbowl," or the affectionate term for the entrance area to my dorm. As I stuck my key in the lock and opened the door, one of them just veered over to me like a parent after the most popular Christmas toy, and "HEY, WILL YOU ESCORT US??" I gave him a look, said "No," and I slammed the door shut. XP Where do you get off asking me to escort you into the (all womens) dorm? I don't know you. I don't know where you want to go, or who you want to see, or even if they'd want to see you. I sure as hell wouldn't want to see you in this state. You're obnoxious and stupid, offensive and annoying.

The LARP went by better this time around, although considering what happened last time, that's not all that hard. Several people said that they were glad (and surprised) that I came back ... I wonder why I keep on going ...? The LARP is mostly of a distanced, observatory interest to me, and I'm rarely involved in "the fray of things," since my character would die in the flash of an eye. XP Oh well ...

Friday, I saw The Chamber of Secrets with Stacey and John. It is still very strange to see them together. I've been having this "wow, that's really weird" reaction to just about any couple that I've seen recently, now that I think about it. It's sometimes difficult to figure out just how the heck they became a "couple." Other couples just make me sick, because I'm single. XP

As for FFVIII, I'm missing a couple of Guardian Forces. ;_; But I did get Cactuar! He kicked my ass the first time around, because he did 10,000 damage to me, which is 1 point more than Squall can take. XP Determined that he would be mine, I set up a strategy and won the war! As long as I'm not taking serious damage, I'll summon him randomly in the midst of a dark battle ... there's something very amusing in this little green cactus, popping up out of nowhere.

Gilgamesh actually did damage the other day, for the first time ever. o.O

I have to level up ... I got leveled by Greiver, the "ultimate" Guardian Force that Ultimecia uses against you. ._. First went Spuffie (Selphie reminds me of Yuffie ...), and when I made the mistake of healing myself that round instead of reviving her, a little blond angel absorbed her into time, taking all the more "defensive" sort of GFs with her. o.o Thus, it was a cause for much panic when Quistis bit the dust. "NO! I'm not going to let the scary little angel babies take her!!" I revived her, but then ... well, we were both low on HP, and Greiver did his Shockwave Pulsar attack at the wrong time for us, and thus we died. XP

I saw an official release of some of the Black Rose saga episodes from Utena ... eps 14 through 17! It really shocked me because I had a dream about purchasing the rest of the series once. o.o

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