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Behold, a new LJ look. Go see!

It looks best in the 1024x??? whatever resolution, maximized screen. Decent in minimized screen. Actually, to tell you the truth, I have no idea what it looks like in anything lower, or anything higher. ^^; I just wanted something more peaceful for the wintertime, and in general something which was a break from my traditional hyperactively weird journal look. : P The only problem is that right now, I don't have a good "serene" icon ... o.o But all things come with time. We shall see.

The image is a charcoal drawing I did today in figure drawing of the model, who happened to be wearing a cool knit hat with pompoms on strings. I added the blue tint in my crappy Limited Edition version of photoshop by making a new layer, paintbucketing the thing blue, and selecting some option other than "normal" for it (I think it was "color," although I am not sure. XP). I had wanted to duotone it, but Limited Edition can't do duotones (amongst other options that it lacks). A word for the wise - save up and get a full version of Photoshop. XP

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