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Putting off the Inevitable.

Spotted two new bruises this morning, both just over an inch in diameter, one on my right leg, a lighter one on my right arm. One or the other (but probably not both) is most likely a result of my falling down several steps while carrying a load of laundry on my hip. (I washed a total of six loads of laundry last night, resulting in clean dryable whites, non-dryable whites, and the random choice of greens. Yet still there is much left to do!) I caught myself before I slid too far down the stairs by grabbing the handrail with my right arm and holding on! (Despite the sudden loss of balance, I did not drop my load of laundry. Ph34r my coordination, ladies and gentlemen, ph34r.)

I have been taken with a desire to wash my sheets and remake my bed - the other way around, with my head at the foot and the foot at the head. Then again, these beds are symmetrical, so the only "head" or "foot" in true existence upon it are some terms that I've set up. Anyway, if I do so, I will be able to lie down and look out the window, and I will be able to lie down with my good ear up while playing games or watching anime. I wonder what feng shui has to say about bed arrangement ...? It would be interesting to find out, although I doubt I could coax my roommate into feng shui-ing the room. XP

Quistis - Lv. 69
Squall - Lv. 71
Rinoa - Lv. 31

Meeting many new monsters and greeting old foes, we are making progress in our leveling up attempts. Many Guardian Forces (Siren, Quetzacotl, Diablos, Shiva, Ifrit, Carbuncle) are either at 100% compatibility or somewhere near with those they are junctioned to, resulting in almost immediate response. (The poor Brothers are suited to no one. It takes forever for Squall to summon the Brothers and they level up slowly, but the HP +80% is worth keeping them with him.) Now that I think about it, I should give Cactuar and his HP Bonus (+30 to HP at level up!) to Rinoa, who needs it the most at this point (she is nearing 6000 HP with junctions. Go Rinoa! You can do it!). Although I cannot figure out what exactly Eden is (he looks kind of like a city wearing a cape), and although Devour accomplishes nothing but amusement for me, he does a lot of damage and is thus a favorite of mine. Hopefully, Griever will not be the end of me the next time we meet.

nyxdae, I met a Tonberry. I tried mugging him for his knife, but after failing three times in a row and suffering one cast of Everyone's Grudge (fortunately on Quistis, not Squall ... I shudder to think of Everyone's Grudge on Squall), I ran before he could kill me. ^^;

rynamyn, my Angelo must be much dumber than yours was. He found a Hungry Cookpot. XD I finally mugged a Steel Pipe from something today! Sadly, it is not what I need for Squall's best weapon. XP

I am not clear on what Rinoa's Angel Wing does, other than give her kind of a messiah-rising-to-the-heavens scene during battle and thereafter removing her from my control. ("Fira? Fira?? We're up against an enemy with ??,??? HP and you cast Fira? Gak, Rinoa ... we need to talk.")

I suppose I shall accede to the inevitable and do the part of my work that I do not wish to do while I am at work. I've been given enough of a break, really - my boss has been wanting me to do this particular set of stuff for about a week now, but between her deleting the .exe file from Photoshop and Academic Tech reposessing the harddrive (if only temporarily), it has yet to happen. XP
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