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I got very little done this weekend.

For the record, Elvis made me do it. I knew I shouldn't've* trusted him, but they call him the King!

So, I'm sure you're all simply dying to know - what did we cover last night at LARP? Having two bored Malkavians (one of whom believes in total chaos and one of whom wants to know why) encountering each other equals interesting times. Between the two of us, we discussed nose swallowing (it was not Mr. Momomoto, but Mr. Momomoto's brother who swallowed his nose, and was Mr. Musashi related to Mr. Momomoto's brother who could swallow his nose?), confusion leading to lies leading to confusion leading to more lies and thus completing the circle, and ... hotdogs.

Yes, you are to eat a hotdog without a bun on Friday. But what happens if you eat a hotdog without a bun at exactly midnight on a not-Friday? Well, we didn't know, so we decided that we would find out. Imagine four vampires standing in front of a hotdog vendor in the middle of a big city late at night: one is worried as all hell, one is annoyed as all hell, and two are having a grand time - one of these is dressed in a bedsheet and facepaint, asking for a hotdog with no bun.

Since we couldn't eat the hotdog ourselves, he planned to feed it to his army and then we would feed off them, thus eating the hotdog! We didn't actually get around to testing this theory, but since it will be midnight whenever we want it to be midnight, we'll consume the hotdog next time. (Oh, and the usual jokes about hotdogs were also present - but because this is Charles, who does not seem the type for such things, it was amusing.)

Oh yes - dying occurred en masse (apparently there was a demon in the local park ...?) but I wasn't there, so I'm all right. ^_^ I would like to know why John Walters gets to keep his pruning shears while I must give up my stolen pizza delivery car - they're both rather ridiculous things for a vampire to have. (For the record, the pizza delivery car was not my idea. It was just an accidental byproduct of a priestess attempting to lower my humanity ... by killing a pizza man in a residental neighborhood.)

I received an ST point for one of the better Malkavian conversations they've heard lately (even if the instigator of the interaction was a guy who was talking about nose swallowing). I've just realized that this particular LARP has a message board, and on this message board there is a section for in-character posting, for which you can, I believe, get EXP ... if I ever get the time, I will pull out my mad RP-writing-fu and earn enough points to back up my stats so I don't have to fold when my victory is challenged. XP

joking with malkavians
"A fish runs into a concrete wall and goes 'damn!'"

just how many warehouses are in this city?
Person1 - Is this Warehouse Blah?
Person2 - No, it's Warehouse P.
Person3 - Wait, are we running out of letters?
Person4 - No, we recycle.
Person5 - This is Warehouse Asterisk ... the Warehouse Ampersand ...

i triple dog dare ya
"Hey, you wanna lick that. That's gotta be powerful."

obfuscate enables you to be out of place at the wrong time
"So I'm assuming nothing walks in front of us. Look at that!"

why we can't have any more malkavians in our pack
Malkavian1 - What do you bring to our pack?
Malkavian2 - A hotdog.
All - ...
Malkavian3 - She's right. I do bring a hotdog.

* do double contractions actually exist ...? I've never seen one written before. This adds to my growing pile of evidence that my writing is turning into mush. XP

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