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Man, I'm hungry.

In regards to the stock of cereal in the cafeteria, they aren't changing it every other day as they used to last semester. No, this time 'round they get a few things and they stick with 'em. I ate Fruity Pebbles so much, I almost began to dislike them. Fruity Pebbles for breakfast. Fruity Pebbles for lunch. Fruity Pebbles for dinner. And so on. But yesterday, they got rid of the Fruity Pebbles, so now I've got Lucky Charms. If it weren't for the marshmallows, that cereal would taste like regurgitated cardboard ...

Oh well. Gotta wait a mite longer before I can go to lunch, I promised to meet folks at one. Now as long as we both remember to show up, it'll be good. heh, once he forgot, once I *nearly* forgot but showed up there like five minutes early anyway. We've promised to get a group together to go see LoTR this weekend ... neither he, nor Debbie, nor even Sarah have seen it! x_x Gak.

In other news, I had my first real-deal college art class today. "Drawing Orientation" is one of two classes I've got in that department, and is the less scary of the two. I'm a bit less freaked because I have yet to have an experience like I did in Design Orientation, where instead of making a beautiful multifaceted box I came out with Bob the Dinosaur.

Speaking of Design Orientation, the mask design that I wanted didn't work out, and I wound up making a page from a popup book about a mask instead. It gives me an idea of what I can do for the rest of the projects, though ... maybe combine them all in a manner of speaking to make one really damn good-looking book ...

Anyhoo, back to Drawing Orientation. Today, we had a "back to the basics" morning, which was good as I finally learned what the heck contour drawing was. Can you believe I didn't really know? Yep. Now that grade from all those years ago makes sense. ^_^;

We spent most of our time doing blind contour drawing (meaning doing contour drawing - one line - without looking at your paper), which was like a stab in the heart for a perfectionist such as I. It reminded me vaguely of when I played piano ... people were always trying to get me to not look at the keys, but they never succeeded. For the most part I managed to not look, I think, although my skill level in this area is rather ... er, not very high. I had to restrain myself from writing notes next to my drawings, like "this fat thing is actually an antler," "for future reference this is an umbrella," and so on.

I was kind of able to tell what I was thinking when I was drawing. I slowed down drastically at parts because I feared the teacher was watching me, and he had told me to slow down. I was constantly thinking "do not pick up pencil, one line, one line," and less than constantly thinking "gotta draw big," which produced some really wildly deformed results. For when I stopped thinking "gotta draw big," I stopped drawing big, and in fact went less than life size ... that hand wound up looking rather odd, if I do say so myself. o_O;

My real-life journal is floundering. Every time I look at it I seriously consider ripping out my two entries and rewriting them so I look less like a dork, which I know you're not supposed to do, but I can't help really, really wanting to.

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