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The word of the day is porcupine!

... indeed, you are correct. There really isn't a word of the day, but I felt like saying "porcupine" and that was the first context that came to mind. "Porcupine" is an excellent word by itself, regardless of what animal, book, or generally vague concept you think it refers to. Say it. Porcupine. Or maybe it's just the accent that I've got, which isn't much at all really, but is turning more and more Southern the longer I live here.

Aye, Mag's not on. I wish he were, lol ... I kind of have this thing against leaving business unconcluded, but I wound up rushing off earlier this afternoon to run to a class that I was dreading. I had IMed him earlier in the midst of a semi-acute panic attack ... but since he's not here, I can't tell him that I'm fine now. ^_^; We didn't go over the chapters that I didn't do, and some people actually liked my pathetic paper project.

And darnitall, EtoileEyes needs to appear. We need to discuss A-Cen plans ...

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