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I miss Freakazoid.

... fishsticks, I'm still cramping. Although they're not bad enough this time to double me over, they're not exactly comfy, either. ^_^; This will be the second day, though, so I hopefully shouldn't be bothered at all tomorrow. Yay! In other physical news, my feet are so damn cold! (I tend not to wear socks unless I'm going out. ^^) This reminds me of those "days back when I was a youngster," where we lived in a house which was built on a concrete slab. We had mostly tile flooring, and combined with the fact that I just never wore socks around the house, my feet were always like ice! I am frequently very cold, so most people have concluded that I have the blood circulation of a zombie, which is to say ... well, none!

I really need to set up my computer again. Am missing bookmarks and the programs which are not currently available on the family computer. Must contact people. Will probably not give them adequate notice, and shrug it off since nobody's life will be hanging out of balance because of it.

I've decided that I am going to enjoy the holidays, no matter what started it or what plagues it - I will find what good I can, and go with the flow. Maybe something will happen, or maybe it won't. I will keep on living. Doot doot doot!

I do kind of wish that the Discovery Channel would get off their Christianity kick ... while I like to learn about historical events (Christianity has definitely arisen from, been influenced by, and has influenced said events), I also want to know what went on elsewhere in the world during these times. Let's discuss Jesus, but let's also have a documentary on Buddha. Palestine and Tibet, and the Maya, and so on. ^^; I want to discover the world, not just Western history.

Maybe I just have a nostalgic, pretty view of the Discovery's Channel's past programming, but the recent stuff that I've seen has not lived up to my expectations. It's like they somehow dropped their standards, or something ... now, they have what everybody else has. They have their version of the dating-and-rating show, the redecorate-while-significant-other-is-out show, the crime-and-horrible-people-getting-caught show, etc. They had an interesting show on piranhas, but it contained a lot of phrases like "the great white explorers" and often was the very myths and misconceptions that it was supposedly trying to debunk. Anyway ... I don't feel like I'm discovering anything when I watch a spouse pretend to like what two absolute strangers and a team of relatives have done to their house while he/she was away. Oh where, oh where has my Discovery Channel of yore gone? Oh where, oh where can it be?

::skips off to eat a cookie::

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