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I haven't written anything in awhile, so here goes nothing.

I have an idea in my head, of which you are a part. Yet you are absent, for what I think you are is not what you know yourself to be.

Because of my ego, your destructive tendencies are appealing to me.
But because of my desire to preserve myself, the very same repels me.

In my daydreams, I express it, you confess it, and the world lives happily ever after.

But this is not how it goes. We are both at fault in a spiral ever spinning.

True fault and blame are hardly the same.

I listen, but your words pass on paths fraught with prior conceptions, and your original meaning is lost.

so when you say you're feeling fine
i think you lie
i think you lie

To head off assumptions at the pass, 1.) this does not refer to you specifically, and 2.), no, I am not involved with anyone. Writing takes me strange places sometimes. ^_^

Sometimes I flatter myself into thinking that I am coming up with a style which is a combination of the anime I find so appealing and my own personal oddities. Then, I remember this, and wonder if that's what I should be doing ... and then I draw something else which regresses and thus fails to fit into that "style" entirely. XP

"BOING! It's the hookshot! It extends! And contracts! And ... it can grapple many things!"

It's often rather amusing what is amusing to me. o_O Struck by the randomness of the BOING, I went and wrote that quote down "for posterity's sake," supposedly. I also recorded all the different text that appears when you visit the Pond of Happiness in the middle of Lake Hylia, because I had a whim to make an LJ layout with the information (which I doubt I will, but it was still a fun idea). For your reference today, you will have a little luck.

Stay away from me, thief! I have a shovel and I'm not afraid to use it! I also have the blue mail now, so Link is very, very colorful - pink hair, yellow-green hat, blue tunic. The entire damn game is colorful! There's something about the style of it all that just ... clicks, you know? I love the trees, and the square rocks. Potions are (of course) cheaper in the Potion Shop near the Waterfall of Wishing in the Light World than anywhere else. The little tree-dude near the first level in the Dark World cracks me up ... he's so vaguely pathetic. I really could use that third bottle of mine for something more useful than a golden bee, but I don't know what a golden bee does, so I'm not losing it.

Ah ... I was so happy when I found the average guy again, sitting right where he has always been. With, let us not forget, his sign.

"I am just an average guy.
Do not speak to me.
DO NOT remove this sign."

Take the sign and run with your newfound shadow clad in yellow and red! "Why did you take my sign? It says plain as day to just leave me alone! Sheesh!" (Turns out, if you're in the know, that he's a former thief - a lockpick to be precise.)

I really do love the Legend of Zelda games ... playing a Link to the Past on my GBA has been amusing, nostalgic, puzzling (where the HELL is that damn switch?), and just plain good ol' damn fun. I remembered so much of the Light World ... and I'm farther into the Dark World than I have ever been before.

I'd have more detailed, spur-of-the-moment ramblings for you, but sadly (or should that be thankfully?) I have been playing the game when I was far away from a notebook or a computer, or otherwise unable to log down my impressions.

I want a sprite of pink-bunny Link.

A local company's marquee says "Sales wanted. Apply within."
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