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Which Final Fantasy animal are you?

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You are a moogle! You usually get your way and are a person that likes to see all that is out in the world. Sometimes you are calm, but sometimes you tend to get very perky, which puts others around you in an enlightened mood!

Which VW Are You?

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YES! I love these old cars.

I have no specific New Year's resolutions. I shall continue to keep the the "resolutions" that I quietly carry with me year-round - learn, live as best I can, seek wisdom, become a better individual.

I found a few of my old "journals," or those blank books in which I wrote for a short period of time, and then never touched again for whatever reason - I hated the cover, the pages "fell out for no good reason," I thought I had ruined the entire book with my stupidity, or ... well, it just took plain ol' time and effort, which I didn't seem to possess much inclination for in those days. Reading over them, I have concluded that for such a "strange" individual, I certainly have been very boring for much of my life. >.>

Insipid 'twas I (at least in writing)! To many people, I probably still am ... after all, I don't drink, don't break rules, read 1000+ page books for fun, and don't skip classes. To those individuals, I have a hearty nothing to say! I am my way, and that's just how it is. You be your way, that's fine.

Last night was quite amusing to me. Some of you know that over the weekend, I searched practically the entire shopping district of Owensboro, Kentucky, for a PS2 memory card (not to mention FFX), and failed. Each place visited had sold out of the little card-thingies, much to my annoyance.

So, once home again, I connived my way into a trip to Media Play. They had the cards (not to mention FFX), and because I was so happy, I gave the clerk a hug. I made his day. o.O;

Visiting the Hobby Lobby next door in order to pick up some paints for my painting course that's starting up soon (... Thursday), my father and I were walking towards the checkout when we realized (with some amount of shock) that the little tube of paint I was holding cost over twenty-four dollars. We checked against other tubes of that same color, and it seemed to be accurate ... or at least, a consistent mistake. Coming to the cash register, the cashier gave the price a double-take, and promptly sold the tube of paint to us for the average price of the other tubes of that size, nine bucks. XD

No employee (not even the manager!) at the Arby's we visited knew how to work the shake machine.

After all this, my father and I went to a birthday party for one brother out of a set of brothers that I have known ever since they were born. There, I encountered a "gentleman" whom I've been at least acquainted with for a few (... six) years. Once upon these (four) years ago, I asked him out ... he turned me down, but he did brag about it to people and thus was the source of many rumors that I never heard about until after they had died. XP Anyway, while he was hovering about me last night, I think he probably had a sudden realization that he screwed up when he turned me down those years ago. LOL. The dork that I was has suddenly turned into the me that I am, a dork with a strange, but tangible (?) appeal. Unfortunately for him, I am no longer interested. He typically acts like he's half-asleep and is inclined to be easily swayed though he certainly knows better, sometimes ... at least he's figured out now that yes, binge drinking does have an impact on your GPA. (Because we had a discussion about it last year and I turned out to be right, I really wanted to say "I told you so!" ... but figured that would probably annoy him.)

The fact that I could tell that he wanted me now when he hadn't wanted me then made me kind of giddy (and also less inclined to talk to him), as though I had successfully exacted some sort of revenge for his former disinterest and could now lazily, elegantly toss his limp doll-like form aside and get on with feeling superior. It isn't the sort of feeling I get often. Also, I usually never notice when men are interested in me (people tend to tell me afterwards, when its too late) ... I sure hope the two aren't related, or I will indeed be an arrogant ass if I actually ever start picking up on signals.

Now that I think about him ... I can't quite remember what I saw in him, other than it was rare to find guys who liked Star Wars and could talk about the books with me. (I'm really rather glad that I no longer include "extensive Star Wars knowledge" among "things people should have" if I am to be interested in them. o.o;)

Speaking of dull, Yuna seems a somewhat bland individual so far. Sure, the summoning sequences are gorgeous and she's an indispensable part of your party, but other than that ... she's just not striking me yet, somehow. She's getting better, though ... she stood up to that one uppity summoner. "Yay Yuna!"

Wakka amuses me greatly. Tidus amuses me as well ... he's like a child. He'd probably annoy the hell out of me in real life, but since there's a nice little level of separation between video game and reality, I can simply be amused by him. I'm at Kilika at the moment ... the group keeps on leaving him behind because he's not a Guardian, and therefore shouldn't enter the sacred chambers. Well, we know his past history, I say! Who cares if he's not a guardian quite yet? He's going to come along anyway, so why don't you just take him with you before he causes a scene? XD

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