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08 January 2003 @ 06:50 pm
The world seems fit for a rant.  
I. Am. Cursed.

Remember when I said that everyone had the flu but me ...? As it turns out, my mother had pneumonia, which is why she wasn't getting any better until they put her on some pretty strong antibiotics. She reports that she is no longer hacking up her lungs and is doing normal coughing now.

I began class this morning with a spontaneous nosebleed that came out of nowhere (figuratively speaking). Cupping my hands around my face, I walked calmly out of the classroom, catching this red puddle as blood dripped down, and got a tissue. Stopped the nosebleed cold in its tracks, I did!

Somehow I seem to bleed and drip somewhat seriously in hallways at least once every five years or so. When I was little, I used to have nosebleeds in my sleep. XP

Class continued normally. The bones and the rock which I was painting suddenly started to turn into strange organic shapes bearing little resemblance to their origin (this was due in part to the fact that I said "to HELL with this!" and made said objects an extremely vibrant red/flamingo pink with purple shadows). Added more purple into the blue background. Would you believe that I just now realized that my two favorite colors - red and purple - are next to each other on the color wheel? I've done color wheels for years, and all the sudden it just finally hit me.

Our next assignment (which I will be returning to "complete" sometime this evening) is to replicate the work of a master Impressionist. I was assigned a French gentleman by the name of Pierre Bonnard, and went over to the library to find a work that I liked. I succeeded, but oh no - it was in a bound set of a particular magazine that we cannot check out or remove in any way from the premises.

I needed to make a color copy, then. There is one color copier available to students on campus - it's in the floor down below the library. I gave the librarians my ID card and a promise to hand over my firstborn child, and was able to take the volume downstairs to the Media Center, home of the one arcade game on campus, one color printer, and one color copier. But guess what?

Yep, you guessed it - the lights were on, but the door was locked and nobody was home. Fine then! XP I'm now doing a piece that my teacher had a slide of, because I think frankly he is rather tired of these sorts of things continually happening to me and thus delaying my work. (Sometimes I am happy that these things consistently dog my footsteps - these are the moments when I am happy not to be painting. It's not that I hate painting, but I don't have much fondness for it.)

During this adventure, I was going down the library stairs with my hand on the rail ... and OUCH! There was an unseen (just about damn near hidden, unless you were looking for it) nail sticking out which had never been there before, and which cut me deeply right above my nail, ripped some skin off, and gouged a small groove into my thumbnail. If only you folks would have been there ... you would've heard me utter a rare public profanity. : P "Holy shit!" Turns out they took the Christmas decorations down (they had decorations?), but not that which had been put in to support them.

After another set of shenanigans resulting in me getting a nice shiny new ID card for no reason whatsoever, I finally got Safety and Security to make my damn swipe card to work. The lady of the keys was there this afternoon, and she found that (clearly) every other person who tried to fix the problem only compounded it. Well, thanks, but now it's over half-way through the course, Safety and Security ... -_-

[Edit - I was thinking that despite all this fun stuff, it is good that I don't feel as emotionally trashed today. Vaguely annoyed by the entire world and particularly incensed by people with bad music, yes, but not awful.]
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Current Music: FFVII Reunion Tracks - One Winged Angel (orchestrated)
Kain aka That Evil Guynanikore on January 8th, 2003 11:51 pm (UTC)
re: nail


re: nose bleed

welcome to the colorful world of nose bleeding. I do so every single (friggin) winter. During dry winter months, consider investing in a bottle of saline nasal moisturizing spray. A moist nasal membrane is less likely to crack open. If that fails, you'll need prescription Rhinocort(TM) steroidal spray (I don't think you'll need to resort to that, but it's something to know) and if all else fails, laser or chemical cauterizing surgery to permanently burn off the offending blood vessel (don't think you'll ever need that either, but it's something to talk about).