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12 January 2003 @ 01:02 am
The wind is whistling outside, and random thoughts occur with each gust, each ring of the telephone.

Aaagh, my father has been very clingy lately, after (finally ...? I was the last to know) telling me that he was marrying Karen, his girlfriend. I wouldn't be so antsy about his continual attempts to contact me if I was sure that he had honest intentions, and - if "honesty" turns out not to be the case - if I understood the reasons behind this move. Is he doing it to look good? Did his fiancee guilt him into it? Does he do it because he feels bad about our lukewarm relationship? Or does he do it because he thinks that having a warmer relationship with me will make things easier when the inevitable comes ...? Or is he attempting to be "a better father" because he has asked me to be in the wedding, and he wants the show to be backed up with truth? Or is he just doing it because he is, after all, spending a lot of money in one go for my painting course and my books for the Spring Semester?

It's just so strange, an abrupt turn in behavior. He's never bothered before, and I haven't cared to bother either, given some past history between the two of us (some of you may know of the "Thanksgiving Fiasco," a prime example). He didn't care about being "honest" about things before ... he coasted along on my mother's effort. He is the "poorest man with money you'll ever meet."

I would reciprocate, but I am afraid that despite whatever intentions lie behind, he will eventually come to treat me as he does now or as he did then, and nothing will change. I suppose I can't really say that will come to be, as in order to change things you must first do something ... eh, bah. >.>

My RA has taken to an "inspirational" decoration theme, so there are posters with various "make you think" phrases and praises for the Lord on them scattered about on our floor. Now, whenever I "use the facilities," so to speak, I can read about the joy of God. The posters don't bother me as much as the context in which they are placed does ... >.>;

Anyone know where I can find a copy of the BGM when you're on Mount Gagazet? (By the way, I didn't really like the voices they used for Kimahri's "adversaries" ... the entire comic Arnold Schwartzenwhomever accent made me think "We Ronso are BIG BURLY MEN!" Also, the Ronso are not adept vocalists.)

Damn this lack of Lv. 3/4 Key Spheres! How the shiznit am I supposed to get to all these snazzy abilities without them? TT

I found Yojimbo! (He has an awesome voice ... XD) Geeze, he cost a fortune. >.>; I got some really good equipment off the monsters that I was fighting in that area, though ... I was blessed with a Peaceful Bangle (or something like that), a glorious piece of gear with the miraculous "No Encounters" ...!

I am trying to bulk up my defenses ... basically, I don't really care how weak or "average" my weapons are and thusly how long it takes me to beat bosses, just as long as I can take the hits that my opponent is dishing out. I am currently making everybody at least Fireproof. : D Some characters have equipment with Fire Eater/Ice Eater/etc. on them, which makes me very happy. "HAHA! Brilliant monster, you are! Free heal, everybody!" I also aim to be able to prevent most status effects, since status effects annoy the hell out of me.

I can take out Malboros without the slimy thing ever getting a chance to fight. XD It's sweet revenge for some past encounters.
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Current Music: Arcturus - Star Crossed (pretty pianos ... : P)
SD: Blahsado_nishi on January 14th, 2003 05:36 pm (UTC)
"SAVESOMEFORKIMAHRI!!!" ... Er, don't know if you're there yet, but since you're on the mountain...

And yes, I had the biggest problem with Lv. 3 spheres, even more than Lv. 4's... In fact I had plenty of Lv. 4's, but they are USELESS if I can't even get Lv. 3's to reach them! So I was pissed off for awhile. But I eventually got some, I can't remember from where though... I know you can get some later, at the part after Mt. Gagazet.