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Being sick makes me impatient. (Among other things.)

If Spira is drowning in its sorrow, I am drowning in my snot. Where does it all keep coming from?

I finally defeated Yunalesca, the Las Vegas Showgirl from Hell, last night. (She sounds an awful lot like Carmilla from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust ...) By defeating her, I pretty much defeated Maester Mika - I'd been looking forward to fighting the old undead dude, but upon hearing what I had done to Yunalesca, he promptly sent himself. (He was very quick to go. o_O)

They all say that they're dead, but they're effectively alive. If you lose your consciousness and self-awareness, becoming a fiend, then ok - the you that you were is dead. If you are sent to the Farplane, then ok - you're dead. But if you're a collection of spirit who can hold a concrete form that can touch, speak to, and move others - you're not really dead. If I have to fight you three times because you just can't take a hint - you're not really dead. If you can hurt me with physical blows, kiss my characters, and be healed by regular old items - you're not really much of a ghost, either. You're just like me. ::brain fumbles trying to figure out how potions heal Auron and how he can be Zombiefied if he's already dead::

Is Spira so entwined in its cycle of death that life and death have become practically the same thing, for all events and purposes? It's only the "really extraordinary" people who defy the cycle or traditions, for whatever reason.

If Yu Yevon is eternally summoning, then it kind of makes sense why Sin keeps on destroying the cities/towns/villages - it seems that they keep on popping up in the same damn places, all near temples. XP

The last time I was in Luca, I couldn't afford a single Music or Memory Sphere (I think I probably splurged on weapons immediately prior ...), so being able to go back when I actually had a good amount of cash on hand was great fun. I really enjoy the ability to play back the movie sequences ... although I'm not sure it makes up for being unable to fly the airship (does that technicolor thing have a name?) on my own. ._. The map calls being able to input coordinates "exploring" Spira. Bah! Bah, I say. It's just not as fun as trying to land on tiny little islands and fly through mountains.

I was not mentally present at Contemporary Art History this morning. Somewhere during the time we spent discussing the differences between "modern" and "late modern," and deciding what "contemporary" means, my brain just went out for a sandwich. I have a few notes and some weird doodle-thing, but other than that ... I wonder how this bodes for Physiology of Space.

In good news, I made the Concert Choir. ^_^ Though I rehearsed with them that day as an Alto1 and auditioned as a Soprano2 while sounding like a pony with grain up its nose, they put me in as a Soprano1. Apparently, my range is still in there - it just has to be brought back out again.

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