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Me: I've never seen my computer do that before. o_o
Bara: huh?
Me: Well, I was typing to Silvermask
Me: And suddenly, all my text turned into boxes.
Me: I was typing in boxes.
Me: Then, when I sent it to Silvermask in hopes that his computer would read it properly, all the IM conversation turned into boxes.
Me: Then came the dreaded blue screen ...
Me: And then, oddly, my screen turned black, and there were many columns of white period-sized dots on it. The cursor was a single line, and other than its flashing nothing was happening.
Me: Then I restarted.

... and thus, the journal entry was lost. ::sigh:: I shall recreate what I can.

The end of Version Cute is in sight, for a new Version which I prefer greatly has appeared down the way. If you like Version Cute, take screencaps or hold it forever within your memory. Or something, Version Cute wasn't that great. (My, that was much more coherent the first time I typed that ...)

And now that we're done with the Daily Announcement, on to the Daily Quiz!

Which Gackt are you most like?

quiz by mcvarmazi
You are the Gackt that bombastically announced your entrance into solo artist status. Classic, elegant, irresistable and royal... "Mizerable" is all that. The music video is gorgeous, even though its really the song that makes this album such a fan-favorite. A beautiful violion melody countered with drum licks that really gives this song a creative edge, add into this some absolutely fantastic lyrics and the powerful voice of Gackt, and you have one of his best songs, ever.

According to Bara, Gackt-expert, this means that I am fancy.

I haven't the heart to attempt to type out the Daily Update again. It wouldn't be the same as the initial thought ... perhaps why my real-life journal isn't doing so hot. I ripped out all three entries. Yes, that's a sign of success. >.>;

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