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Chewin' on a spoon, waitin' for the pear to ripen.

Though it's more difficult right now because I have to begin anew and rebuild my range and technique, I still love choir. The hour of rehearsal flies by! Choir makes me feel HELLA perky. I bounce. I say "squee" and "cheese!" in a high-pitched voice on my way back to my room, for no other reason than singing puts me in a good mood.

Bleep bleep bleepin' bleepity bleep. My school email, formerly free of all spammage woes, is now getting junk mail from places like What the heck? o_o

What Anime Vampire Are You?

what's YOUR deepest secret?

brought to you by Quizilla

Dude, how'd they guess? I eat people!

I think Marvin (my computer) must be cursed, or maybe my anti-virus protection stuffage is a little over-protective. I cannot load anything in the picture gallery of, nor any image on g-chan's website. XP

Random Rurouni Kenshin Statement:
Tomoe gave him a new life, and Kaoru gives him a reason to live that life.

In response to what domkitty wrote in response to shellypants, who posted it in a forum that I once could access, but now cannot because they require membership, I now write. I pray that the originator of the discussion will not take my words too offensively, for I am operating off my vague memories of the first statements, and have wandered wherever my mind decided to take me.

Why draw anime?

I personally believe that it is a question which is far more complex than many fans give it credit for being. It seems that so many people believe that there is a "yes" answer or a "no" answer, and nothing else - you "should" because nobody can stop you, you "shouldn't" because it'll get you nowhere. I personally believe in why the heck not? There have been many such things in the past, and there will be many such things to come.

If it harms none, people should be able to have pride and believe in what they do. I support the development of the anime style because it is a refuge, a source of friendship and community, and often a beginning for individuals who vary widely in personality, background, and intention.

Any presence of stagnant waters is troublesome, and anime-styled art communities are often not places for the development of skill (due to lack of effective criticism, a lack of effort to find new personal strengths, etc.). Many fans who draw in the anime style come to this point eventually, but that bridge should be dealt with by the individual when it is arrived at, not worried about for years before. The existence of ignorant, unnoticed potential is often frustrating for many observers.

No, I don't expect anime to get me a job "in the real world." A little side money, perhaps, but I have other interests (which began with anime, incedentially) that will support me for far longer. I doubt that there is a vast multitude of "anime artists" who believe that they will be successful in getting a job drawing anime ... dream as they will, the most realistic hope many entertain in that sort of regard is a successful website, or name recognition at a con. Some people draw for praise, others for love. Regardless of their reasons ... if they strive to improve, who am I to say that they shouldn't bother?

Anime is an art for the people. It is also an "art for the people" in a way that few styles have ever been before - everyone can participate in this for pure enjoyment alone, for the "mere" sake of doing something. There is no extensive training required. There are no expensive materials which are an absolute necessity. If you have a drawing tool, a piece of paper, and a will to try, you can learn something.

When I think about it, it occurs to me that anime style is just that - a style, not a subject matter. It is often a style designed to carry topics which would otherwise repel its audience. Animation, drawings ... these have a different impact upon the viewer than something which is done with live actors.

But because of its origins of popularity and because of the artists who choose to align themselves with it, it has become a style which is not respected in the world at large. One cause I attribute this to is pride on all sides of the problem. Pride (or should that be arrogance ...?) leads to antagonism, disdain, and a whole host of negative responses which in turn offend those who feel that they are the subject of said responses.

Anime style is, perhaps, overdone in fandom, but it is underrepresented in the wider scope of things. The way it stands, "anime style" has come to mean one thing, but I like to think that every new artist has the potential to take it in a new direction. Every person who tries has the potential to see something new, or show others something new.

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