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I just posted this at the forums, but many of you folks do not frequent them. So my quirky ranty post is reproduced, though not in its entirety, for you to read.

Well, I accidentally beat FFX tonight, and to tell the truth ... I'm actually kind of upset that I managed to do it. o_o FFX, on the whole, felt quite a bit easier to me than the previous games I've played, and the final fights were no exception.

I dislike Seymour, because he just doesn't seem to know when to quit (and he pulled some serious stunts that I am not entirely appreciative of). So when he returned once more inside of Sin, I was extremely ready to hand his tush on a platter right back to him (again)! What I was not ready for was what happened when I summoned Shiva. She performed Diamond Dust for 99,999 damage, and the fight was over in less than five seconds.

Well, all right. I was expecting more of a challenge, but can deal, since I didn't really like the guy anyway. The team then proceeded into the Tower of the Dead, where the leveling up is like a dream (but where Great Marlboros lurk around every corner). While shocked at the dramatic increase in the speed of leveling (which was very fast and easy in the Sea of Sorrow anyway), I discovered that my Anima does 99,999 damage with a regular attack nearly 97% of the time. Whoa. Is that even legal??

Then the fun started. (Kind of.)

I saved at the Tower of the Dead, and not knowing what to expect, I went forward and touched the pinky sphere-thing on the thing that had slammed down out of nowhere. I had thought perhaps it was a door leading to another room or section of the area, and I was somewhat right. I was transported into this weird, psychedelic-y crazy fractal-ish area where I ran about in confusion, picking up "crystals" while trying to avoid evil icicles that popped up out of nowhere, trying to stab me in the gut. There were some awesome accidental camera angles going on there ... I think I would have had much more fun if I had known what was going on. o_o As it was, I was panicking because I kept on encountering Malboros. XP

I never got to inspect the items that I acquired, though, for suddenly the floor shifted and I found myself sliding around as though there was no gravity, and thus no "up" or "down." I amused myself by zooming about, and then the gang proceeded to fall straight into what appeared to be Zanarkand. Um ... eh? o_o

Then I had to beat Jecht. It had the potential to be difficult, and I was rather scared because he got many turns to my one, it seemed, but my shiny 99,999 damage-doing Anima made short work of the strangely hairy Aeon-Jecht. Next, I found that I had to beat all of the Aeons (again ... XP ... perhaps Belgemine knew even more than what she let on).

Then finally - finally, I was faced with the entity that an entire religion and way of life had been based around; the being who was eternally summoning and in the process screwing things up for everyone else.

... and Yu Yevon turned out to be a spider, and a blobby one at that. A spider. Perhaps if I hadn't of been expecting something very large and impressive, I might've delved into some symbolism and thus have gotten a nifty message. But as it was, I hit it a few times with Auron's Masamune and a shot of Holy, and that was that.

It was just ... too easy! ::scratches head:: I shouldn't have been able to pull all that off! Why were there things doing Auto-Life on my folks when I was knocking out just about every Aeon with a single hit? Dude, I have 99 Phoenix Downs (not to mention at least four party members with Life and one with Full Life), so I'm very capable of reviving myself on my own. o.o

I have never figured out what Curse does in FFX. In previous games, it seems to stop you from leveling, but here it just makes people flash like a strobe light and thereafter it vanishes (as do all other status conditions) after the fight.

I also never got to figure out what Yu Yevon was summoning (or we never really saw the team figure out the answer to that question). From all we see of "him," he is a parasite. Though he has a world within the armor of Sin, he does not summon - he possesses. Bah!

It sounds like I hate FFX, but I don't. I had fun in FFX, and I enjoyed playing it muchly (customization rocks my socks). Yet ... it was just too damn easy. o_o Only one path to take, all status abnormalities gone after battle, and so on. Okay, I'm done. Really. I swear.

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