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I am struck by the urge to go sit in my closet.

So, Sakaki, how's life these days?

My mother is finally home from the hospital. She says that she's doing well, and is really looking forward to being able to "wizz at will" again (as well as being able to zip up her jeans, since the surgery should take care of the bloating problems she's been having). She had to have a complete hysterectomy (... sp?) as a result of fibroid tumors growing in such a manner that her uterus joined with her bladder, causing some serious problems. : / (She says it's the first time she's ever heard a doctor use the terms "dissect" and "amputate" in reference to any of her organs.) She actually should have had this surgery in the beginning of December ... but it took the doctors some time to figure out what was wrong (because this sort of organ fusion rarely happens).

Hmm ... what else, what else? In a spurt of productivity, I nicely organized my science lab notebook, although I still have yet to figure out what I should write in my "Discussion" and "Conclusions" sections. I've never been really interested in performing experiments, so the lab notebook just stares at me, and I stare blankly back.

I finally remembered to go check out the book on Dine that I was assigned awhile back, and found myself the first person (aside from the staff member who unlocked the door) in the library. Successfully locating my necessary book, I spotted a volume on Hokusai's drawings, and a large book on how historic Japanese residences integrate themselves with nature. I practically uttered a "squee" in the library at that!

I also found a sheer treasure at the library, though I did not check it out (some part of me says that I should not hoarde it). It was a small book, leatherbound, from 1901. The soft leather had faded from the verdant green that it once was, the glue holding the leather to the cardboard had failed and the pages were worn, but most amazing was the existence of a hand-written note on the inside cover. This book had been a Christmas gift to the namesake of the first building in which the library's collections used to be housed. How awesome is that?

I now have a grand total of five books (in addition to the three mentioned above, I possess two on the drawings of Degas) out from the library here, which is more books than I've checked out from any library in many years. I tend not to like visiting libraries, because I fret over the fact that many people just don't take good care of books like they should. Also, I usually have some sort of requirement hanging over my head whenever I go to a library - I cannot meander around as I would wish to do.

I may not have updated Hammerspace, but a couple new icons now exist since I spent some time today quickly coloring a few of the doodles.

When someone starts out a reply to your post with something along the lines of "ok, I didn't read all that you wrote, but here's my two cents," what are you supposed to feel? o.O If you spend quite a bit of time working on a post, and you get a one-liner in response, should you be happy with that? It's one reason why I don't really bother with online forums anymore. You won't read all that I have to say, but I should read all of what you write? Damn your short attention span!

Oh, wait. Their posts are usually only around one to five lines. Reading something like that shouldn't take up that much time, right? But sadly, what they lack in verbosity they make up for in sheer speed. Cripes, there's just so much of the junk out there. Here's a reason why I usually don't read a majority of threads anymore - it's rare to find a one-liner that has enough to say to interest me.

Don't get me wrong - I can be very concise. But I dislike being concise 100% of the time, because it becomes very terse and boring. Thread after thread of uneducated succinct sentences make me wish to cry out, "let's use some shiny words here, people! Let's write!" But I no longer have the will, because online forums are no longer that important to me. I tire quickly of "discussing" anime ("Vash vs. Spike!," "InuYasha, Sub or Dub," etc.), and am not interested in a majority of the mundane things posted elsewhere. I have reinforced my conclusion that art forums are useless (just last week I caught an art thief in one), dull areas. I can get more input by talking to a single friend than I can get by posting a thread in an art forum.

Ok, now that's out of my system, I feel better. ^_^

The community microwave no longer functions regularly. This poses problems for my training in the arts of EasyMac-Fu.

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