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Woke up at 4:30 a.m. ...

... tried to resume slumber, but failed for the most part. Had to get up for the day at 7. Grouchy. Just realized a big presentation is almost due (Monday, Monday, gak!), even though Sarah's visiting this weekend. Cranky. That gentleman has stopped responding to my emails and such, so that's one plan out the window. That one never noticed me, but I guess at least he knows my name. That one doesn't know I exist. I wanted to wear Halloween socks today, but they're all dirty.

"Attached in [sic] the University's Nuclear Exposure Plan. A bio/chemical exposure plan is being developed."

... o.o Alrighty! There's nothing wrong with being prepared (as long as we're not being silly and paranoid while we're at it), but I have to admit that reading that email gave me a dubious-faced start. Basically, it seems that in the case of the closest nuclear plant being attacked, we are to follow the same procedure that we follow when there's a tornado.

Lately, I've been having difficulty lately with finding enough motivation to even get out of my room. Instead of arriving early for classes and things as I normally do, more and more frequently I find myself arriving exactly on time, or even a minute late. I rarely do laundry. Well, let me rephrase that ... the "normal me" rarely does laundry. This me only does laundry when she has no underwear left. I'm wearing already-worn clothes over and over again, because they're there. I think that one shirt hasn't been washed since December ... god, that's disgusting. x_x; ::makes mental note to self ... "do laundry." Promptly files away mental note and forgets where she filed it:: My room is clean, but only because I rarely touch things that make messes, or take things out of their place. All my homework is taking a beating from this - I no longer get all things done, and what does get done is done crappily, because I've run out of energy and no motivation to remain dedicated.

Now back to resizing these really unflattering pictures of alumni. I'm making them very small ... makes the red eyes (yeah, those evilly-glowing jewels that I'm too unmotivated to truly correct) just a little bit less noticable. ... GAK! I have to link the horrible website manipulating senior citizens into giving the university money! X_x They didn't change any of the things I pointed out on these pages, either. I hope that people will be able to tell that these examples of (essentially) "I gave money, so now my life is complete, I feel assured of my inner goodness, and now I'm going to a happy heaven when I die" are canned photos and imaginary people. -_- Beware, eldery folks, of the subtle messages hidden within those texts!

The Valentine's Day Deadfest is tonight. Show up for hours upon hours of the cheesiest happy horror that we feel like showing.

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