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Here's a random quirk about me: sometimes I dislike being conscious of the constant transitional state of language. "Constant transitional state" seems like an oxymoron, doesn't it? But it's true, for the meaning of the words we use is forever changing. It seems lately that there are words which I want to use, but know better than to do so - they've picked up additional, usually negative implications, since Webster's first defined 'em.


So, it must have an "outside" meaning in order to transcend "art therapy" into "art" and become something you can interpret?

The other day in figure drawing, he made some comment about "had I ever thought of proportion ...?" Part of my mind went "duh, what do you think I was doing last semester ...?," but another part realized that he was referring to my more immediate work. I said yes, but that it hadn't really mattered to me recently, since the way I had been working (mostly with my hands after laying down a charcoal "guide") had to some extent obscured the figure in particular works. His response? "Oh yeah, those ones where it doesn't really matter, because it's all dark mark-making."

Well, that chipped at my pride a bit, for I actually had spent quite a good deal of time working up a set of reasons and meanings for why I was doing what I was doing. I felt like it wasn't giving enough credit for my ideas (which have, of course, been had by other people before). Sure, in this one or in that one, proportions aren't important. But when I'm in the mood to use white and a few colors to bring a figure out of the darkness, to evoke a mood out of placidity, yes, proportion does matter to me.

I believe one reason (among many) that he wishes to steer me away from that direction is because he feels that it is a dead end for me. Yet, I find it odd that a man who is currently working on a series of black paintings makes a comment about how proportions don't really matter in what could be considered my "dark period." XP

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