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Hello all. ^_^ I'm going to try my best to ramble for that good ol' "I put time into this" aura ... ::cough:: ... you didn't hear that. ^^;

Anyhoo, thanks to Mag(uamaru) of AnimeBoards and the ever-present influences of boredom, I wound up revamping my Livejournal account with a new icon (I love that image ...) and a snazzy red look. Take a peek at it if you want to, it has a much nicer and more individualized appearance than it did before. ^_^ I'm going to try to post again more consistently on this contraption. Choccy asked ... plus, I'm home for Winter Break, so I most likely have time to kill.

Providing I get up, that is.

It's odd, how I only have the sleeping habits of the stereotypical college student when I'm not at college. While at college, I got up at either six or eight in the mornings, depending on what day it was (and thus depending on what morning class I had to go and fizzle through) ... sometimes I allowed myself to sleep in until (gasp) ten-thirty, but only on the weekends. Now that I'm at home, I'm up in the wee hours of the morning, and I sleep in until one or two in the afternoon. ^^

My mode of thinking is this: it is "today" until I have gone to sleep, whereupon waking up, it shall be the next morning.

Sakaki Thought:
The bottom of this mouse glows red. It's very enthralling ... I think red must indeed be my new favorite color. Red coat, red medium flapdoozy from Yakpak, red sites ... yes, yes ... the evidence is in.

Hmm ... well, this journaling stuff still feels rather forced to me, even though I've given it a try nearly ten times in differing locations. ^_^; The "weirdness factor" here is further compounded by the fact that I know people of two distinct anime communities who have journals here ... I would like to treat everyone as one big happy family, but the jokes and "people you know" of one anime community aren't necessarily the ones of the other. In fact ... they're not at all. o_O; It's almost as though I have to think with two different sets of humor. Maybe this journal will "bridge the gap" ...? ::laughs:: Such a grand delusion.

Anyway, I realized today that this day (the 19th) is my one-year anniversary over at AnimeBoards, with approximately one hundred and one posts. My anniversary kind of felt like a more momentous occasion at AGV than it did at AB ... perhaps in part because I participated in so much more at AGV than I do now, with AB. At AB, I'm only really interested in the Final Fantasy RPG (which is one of the greatest RPGs I've seen ... good planning, some excellent writers). It's a great interest, but in a way the FFRPG is like a bubble apart from the rest of the community, and even apart from the other RPGs. The FFRPGer folks know me (I was voted best RolePlayer, lol), but nobody else seems to know the lurker ... ah well. How do you know a lurker? That's an oxymoron, isn't it? ^_^;

There's stuff a'happenin' over AIM ... AB ... etc. ... but I'm not so sure that everybody's interested in that, or that everbody should know. So I'll keep my lips sealed for now. ^_^ Oh, and by the way ... I deleted all of my previous entries, except for the most recent as a point to bridge the gap, and one before that, which turned out as a draft of what I wound up writing for the alumni department's quarterly publication.

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