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Yesterday, the smoke from the firing going on in the dilapidated ceramics studio billowed over campus, coating it in a scented fog, giving the brick buildings a strange, otherworldly feel. Also yesterday, it seemed as though attendance at classes was cut in half - though not due in any part to the sculptors and their work. Rather, there's been an epidemic of the 24-hour stomach flu here on campus, and apparently it really is an epidemic for the academics (although I still suspect some fellow students of skipping just because it's a convenient excuse). I am sick, or at least getting there. Fortunately, it doesn't appear to be the flu! (Contrary in every regard, that I am.)

I found this on the website where students at my university may check up on their personal information, academic standing, bills on their accounts, etc. Given that the Alumni and Development Office here often tends to track former students and keep copious files on them until they die, I have no doubt that this is true.

I am on track to complete my portfolio tonight, which rocks. After I left Kirkland last night, I came home to find that something I had done at one point or another in that short walk had messed up my vision. There were these two nearly-new-moon-like shapes in both my eyes that flashed and prevented me from having the clear vision that I so adore. It made it nearly impossible to read anything, so I decided to use my time in other productive ways, catching up on lost sleep.

So, I climbed into bed before ten p.m.. Yes, before ten, but I figured it would be a good thing for me, since my health is pointing downwards (and so is everyone else's!). This dream of a full nine hours of sleep, though, was not to be. For some reason, it took me absolutely forever to lose consciousness. I had to have been awake for at least one to two hours, which is a rarity for me nowadays. I kept on waking up as well, arising to check the clock around three a.m., and grumbling as I went back to toss and turn.

When I was asleep, I had some odd, odd dreams. They were very detailed and one was very lengthly, but now that so much time has passed since I awoke for the day (seven a.m.), I cannot remember everything. In one, a child me angrily (yet oh-so-calmly) caused as much pain as I possibly could to a girl who had antagonized me constantly throughout the dream, and in this instance had initiated the fight, hurling insults and blows until I fought back. I couldn't convince her to stop through words, so I beat the living hell out of her instead. I could feel the tension in my jaw and chest throughout the entire scene, feelings which remained after some adults pulled her away.

Yes, a majority of that dream was very serious, but it was preceeded by a bunch of my trademark strangeness. A friend and I were escaping to a place, and along the way we came across a giant, vast vield of grasses cracker brown, with olive-colored pine trees far off in the distance. As we walked forward, she pulled my arm and pointed up to the sky, which was white and cream with wispy clouds. Then, we realized that this was the sky mirror we had been warned about! Horrified, we watched as a giant moose materialized back-end first and dropped to the ground with a massive thud, leveling all beneath it. We knew that if we stayed in this spot, we would be squished by the raining moose. Moose the size of buildings fell out of the mirror sky like hailstones as we dodged and screamed for our very lives! It was very scary.
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