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Sometimes you just want to shove a sock down the collective throat of humanity.

My RA decided that we needed to color eggs for Easter, and so I sat down and did so. I started a trend with my "revolutionary" coloring methods, gained from my art major-dom apparently (there seems to be some unspoken dictum on my floor that psychology majors or anyone else cannot color to save their lives). Soon everyone was spreading/buffing/blending the colors on their eggs with the aid of fingers and paper towels, and I left for Anime Night.

Now I have two Easter eggs (apparently there was an unclaimed one after I left) sitting on my desk. Pretty, yes. Refrigerated, no.

Mr. K gave me attitude tonight. Don't "no shit Sherlock" me! Yes, my answer was a remarkable statement of the Obvious, but that's because you weren't there, and I don't want you to know what went on last night. (Don't complain about me avoiding reality either, for you lie as well to maintain peace for yourself- you know just as well as anyone else that Anime Night happens on Tuesdays.) Regardless, my response was no cause for rudeness, so save your profanity for less polite company.

People are intimidated by me for all the wrong reasons (or are not afraid of me at all). Pooh.

Recent circumstances have found me pondering other modes of thought. Still, I find it hard to believe in the concept of possession. I believe in the thoughts of ghosts and supernatural spirits/powers just as much as I believe in Christianity - that is, I think of it as a way humanity has devised to explain their purpose, their behavior and their world, deal with environmental/personal circumstances, and bring people together.

I am my own entity. I will always be my own entity. The devils which overtake me are of my own devising and no other.

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