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Ah, life.

(This is an Assorted Stupidity entry, because I have decided to let my mind have a break over this long weekend. If something comes up, it comes up ... and if its worth thinking extensively about, I will. But my brains need a break.)

Yet another new look for Tralala. My Yukino icon (though I still love its shoujo grace) gave way to the new one you see with this post, drawn by yours truly. Sephiroth, the icon anomaly, forever remains it seems.

The Hammerspace guestbook was signed by, who is none other than "penis boy." Way to go, chump! Leave your mark on the world! XD I'm not sure what this fellow was going for, but it certainly amused him for a few minutes and I for a few seconds (but I have a site which all ages visit, and exclusive control over the delete function).

tsukitty, do you know what's up with Hostrocket? I haven't heard about any problems (or perhaps I haven't been listening), but my FTP can't seem to connect for either Hammerspace or for the family website. Makes it hard to update/fix problems. XP

I wonder what kind of luck I have to lead such a peaceful online life. I also wonder why I just ate a whole can of Spaghettios, cold.

The campus has pretty much shut down for the Easter weekend, so I won't be able to get my mail until Monday. This is somewhat annoying because there is either a package awaiting me or soon to be. I am easily distracted from this, though, because I started playing Shadow Hearts (loaned to me, oh so long ago, by hypertechie. I still can't believe they named the main macho male Yuri. I hope that the gal who smacks enemies with her Bible becomes more useful in the future ... right now, all she's done so far is to scream, sleep, and tremble. She's weaker than Yuri (dear God, they named him Yuri), has an incredibly low number of Sanity Points (she's up to a whopping 5 now ... compared to Y.'s 20-something), and only one Light spell (Cure). I should just let her go Berserk during battle, and see what she does. XD Unfortunately, the battles thus far are either very easy, or impossible to win (you can't win some because the storyline won't let you).

I like characters who smack their opponents with books (Okage, Okage!), but I don't have much tolerance for damsel-in-distress-eeking, unless its an eek of terror on my part.

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