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Crazy Dreamer

Traditionally, my dreams have never been sane (perhaps someday I shall expound upon the abandoned factories, the four singing peanut-butter and grape-jelly sandwiches, or the gypsy in paisley pants). This weekend has certainly been no exception to the general rule ... the only difference is, they've been coming at a drastically increased rate! (I usually either don't dream, or don't remember dreaming.)

On Friday Night ...
I dreamt about the Zerg from Starcraft, only this time the world looked an awful lot like something out of A Link to the Past (complete with flower-like bushes and very round fenceposts). Hmm, I need more creep there - I can see the grass. More Hydralisks! I must build more Hydralisks! I was getting attacked a damn awful lot, and although I had more forces than my mysterious opponent, I was eventually wiped out. Desperate, I stepped on a warp tile. Stacy and I were transported to this place that was like a big pool, but only that - there was perhaps a foot between the water and the ceiling, and there was nothing else in there. Water, water everywhere, and no towel in sight. We swam around, touching the warp tiles and turning up at other spots in the pool.

Another part of Friday night's dreams included me leaving Kirkland to go meet a support group of women with children. o_O They were taking a poll, which I firmly refused to participate in (although I sat around listening to their discussion for awhile).

The next segment included a completely exhausted me, trying to drag myself home (from where and to where, precisely, is now a mystery). I couldn't move very quickly, and I was practically falling over my own two feet. It was painful, impossible effort to move my limbs, and it seemed like I would never get anywhere ... why was I so tired? At a gas station, a lady employee pulled me aside and asked what was wrong - I replied that I had always been anemic, but the baby really took it out of me! She gasped and fed me a sandwich. I awoke abruptly after this, bathed in sweat. It was strange.

Somewhere inbetween these parts, a guy on campus who I have never really spoken to featured very prominently. Though in real life, we could hardly be more distant (I guess he has seen me around campus?), in the dream-world we were incredibly close. I recall spending a great amount of time with his head in my lap, playing with his hair.

Friday's dreams concluded with one of my father and I "kyaking" in a narrow waterway, which looked rather brown (but that was just the sandy bottom, the water itself was quite clear). My father looked pregnant, and there were numerous bad "kyackers" about, and whenever one passed us by with decorated trailer in tow, my father would ask me what that meant.

On Saturday Night ...
I dreamt that I was standing inside Shilling, the main building on campus. I was standing behind the hard-to-open door, and outside, my friend Adam killed this guy dressed in orange. Adam pummeled him so horribly, he could fold him up like a dress-shirt - something which he in fact did, leaving the gooey pile on the ground. I could see spatters of spit and blood on the sidewalk, and I was horribly, horribly distressed - so much so I could not speak, could not think.

It was decided that we would keep all these things a secret, nobody else would know. But nothing ever stays that way, it seems, for later on the police gathered up many students who had either been in the area or had known the guy that Adam killed. We were shown into a room, gathering before a large glass case containing all the victim's "artifacts." On one of the lower shelves, I saw a paper that had an address I recognized, and I was all the more upset - my friend Erik knew this guy, had spoken to me of him!

I basically spent the rest of the time in a daze, seeking comfort in the arms of a friend (who often had to carry me around as though I was a doll). Then the police displayed the victim's skeleton, greyish-purple as though it had been dipped in acid, and so much had been worn away!

That dream ended there, and later I found myself in a consignment clothing store (again, it seems, conscious of murder but unable to speak of it). The complicated costumes, characters, and relationships evade me now, but I remember being very unhappy as I wound my way around endless racks, listening to the conversation of old ladies.

Dude, we got a grenade!
nyxdae is currently playing FFVII, and I've spent a great deal of time this weekend down there, being a horrible (but very knowing) backseat driver. We did so badly in the Junon parade, we got sent a bomb! XD


I can't decide how I feel about Shadow Hearts. I never have enough money, and the enemy encounter rate is rather low (both a blessing and a curse), so I have to spend more time than I wish trying to get some cash in my grubby little hands. I love some parts of it (the concept of the "Graveyard" as Yuri's - they had to name him Yuri - spiritual world, into which he must forever enter) and some characters (Margarete, who by all rights should annoy the hell out of me, but for some reason has me amused), but I hate other things about it.

Here's one thing that got me really irked, probably for no apparent reason: out of nowhere, about this part of the game which is no more significant than any other, came this long-winded monologue and movie sequence which just would NOT FRICKIN' END!

Now, most of the game is silent, save occasional broken voice-overs by the "mysterious voice" which sound pretty cool. But for some reason, they decided to have the "Sea Mother" narrate this whole damn story, herself - complete with her (while her voice actress is attempting to be an old woman) attempting to mimic the character voices in the story. "Sloooop, slooop" ... excuse me, am I supposed to be afraid?

I hate it when people think that the voices of the elderly are gruff and rough, that they grind and are cheesy ... 'cause guess what? For the most part, they're NOT! UGH! It was so annoying. Mediocre acting, mediocre writing, all in an endless movie that I had no idea that was coming up about a subject I could care less about ... jeeze. I felt NO sympathy for LiLi (the tragic lead of the story), did NOT want to hear her plight, and the longer I was forced to listen, the more stupid I thought her troubles were! XP Ooh ooh, ANGER! XP I was practically screaming at the TV, hopping and hoping for it to end, to end! And then I accidentally hit a button that canceled the whole damn movie, and was vastly relieved. : P
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