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I have discovered something which annoys me greatly - in many situations that I encounter, I know that something is wrong or "not quite right," and yet I lack the capacity to vocalize it. Take, for example, this new situation at my school. Between the hours of four a.m. and seven a.m., someone stole two couches out of the first-floor lounge of my dorm, and the large TV set out of the basement lounge. (Yes, I know, "how the heck do you steal a couch without getting noticed?") If no one returns the items or owns up to it (and no one will, 'tis like asking the guy who wrote "bomb" on a cardboard box to step forward and reveal himself), all residents of my dorm must pay for this at the end of the semester.

I felt strongly against this, but I lacked the faculties with which I could come up with an actual response. I emailed my mother about the problem, and of course, she came up with things quite exactly.

"There's that theory again....holding everyone responsible for the misdeeds of a few......educators seem to like what point it became reasonable to them....I do not know. We saw this at [your high school]....and disagreed with it.

"I think the theory is this: given the fact that the doors are to remain locked at all times....and the guests are to be escorted....this type of theft from the outside shouldn't be possible. My guess is that the university views it as everyone's responsibility to make sure the door locks behind them. I think they want everyone to take this security issue seriously and be watchful of one another. It's hard to completly control access to a structure with so many people. So, either the things were taken by someone in the dorm...have they checked all the rooms...or...the thieves had help from someone on the inside....or someone was careless.

"Regardless...just as I did when we encountered this theory at [your high school]......I don't think you or anyone else in the dorm can control the actions of others. I don't think you or anyone should be held responsible for something over which you have little or no control - the behavior of another human being. The only individual you have control of - should be responsible for - is yourself.

"This is a complex issue as living in a civilized society requires that each individual take responsibility for themselves as related to the norms of the society. We would have anarchy if all anyone was concerned about was themselves. We all need to care for concerned for the welfare of others....try to educate and make the world a better place....but we can't control the behavior of others....

"If someone is determined to steal....unfortunately... they'll find a way. Though the theft is unfortunate...I view it as a cost of doing business for the university. Ultimately, the university passes the cost of education and doing business on to us in the form of tuition, room and board and fees."

... why must my mother be so good at all she puts her mind to? -_-;

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